If You Are Crazy About Handcrafted Fashion Trends, Here Is Something For You

Buying handmade products means buying things which are unique and rare. IfYou love Handcrafted products you might want to explore these handcrafted fashion trends.

Life is too short to wear boring accessories.

Handcrafted Fashion Trends

Going low on budget but college life wants you to explore and buy all the stylish and handcrafted fashion trends?

Handcrafted Fashion Trends

So, why not check out some handcrafted products offered to you at a very reasonable price! Here are some of the handcrafted products from Hepburnette which can give a new meaning to your fashion trend.

1.TURN A LEAF: This block print clutch is beautifully handcrafted by the designers and it is totally made in India (Kudos to you for not using foreign products!). It topsthe list of our handcrafted fashion trends. This stylish box clutch comes in Green colour and it is made of fine fabric. You can pair it with your favourite fusion or ethnic outfit and go out in the streets.

Handcrafted Fashion Trends
2. THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:  If you are a fiction nerd, you are definitely aware who Medusa is, right? Want a merchandise of this snake lady? Then this Green Pittan embroidered clutch is one of the best. But if you look at it from a different point of view, you will notice two dancing peacocks. The peacock design clutch here shows the love whereas Medusa’s face throws the anger she has within herself. Isn’t it a perfect blend of the beauty and the beast? Go to HepBurnette and know about this ethically made in India product. Give it to a friend and leave her in a delusion of what you are offering, love of the dancing peacocks or the death stare of Medusa.

Handcrafted Fashion Trends3. TRIO: Cherry colour Vegan leather clutch is not only spectacular but also a tribute to our little animals that are butchered every day for our never ending desires. Take this stylish box clutch to your kitty parties and show them that you are a true follower of Veganism and support animal rights. The trio is a handcrafted clutch made in India from Synthetic leather with a dimension of 6 X 4 X 2 inches.

Handcrafted Fashion Trends
4. JUTE IT: Treat yourself with these smart jute flats handcrafted in India. This ethically made vegan footwear is available in beige colour with a TPR sole material. You can pair them with your desired outfit and go out because the world is your runway! This is also an animal-friendly product!

Handcrafted Fashion Trends
5. TAJ: As the name suggests, it reflects the royalty of its name. Ethnic bellies with zari work are beautifully handcrafted in India. They also go with your motto of animal-friendly footwear. Wear them and be the Indian princess of your dreams. The product is available in pink colour in various sizes. Choose the one which suits and don’t forget to notify your friends about this royal item that you will possess.

Handcrafted Fashion TrendsHandcrafted Fashion Trends
6. LEAFIA: Block print ballerinas in blue colour having a comfortable fit. Match it with a blue or contrasting anklet and set a trend. These stylish block print bellies’ upper material is cotton with a TPR sole, not forgetting to be non-animal friendly in any way. Vegan and handcrafted bellies are available at a reasonable price. Gift them to your friend for their next upcoming event, maybe?

Handcrafted Fashion Trends

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7. RUDYARD BROGUES: Trendy block print brogues are handcrafted and made in India. Multicolor vegan leather footwear with a proper fabric and TPR sole material. Visit this link and be the first member of your squad to order these trendy Indigo bellies.

Handcrafted Fashion Trends

Let us also tell you about the real motive behind HepBurnette. Whenever you buy a product from HepBurnette a less privileged child is given an ice cream. The kids and their smiles are the reason they have reached this level of success. They are lucky to have such customers who have supported them in their each and every step.

Every kid deserves a happy memory. Let’s have #icecreamforeveryone

Handcrafted Fashion Trends


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