Take This Quiz To Find Your Ideal Female Partner From Harry Potter?

Harry potter quiz
Harry potter quiz

Harry Potter Quiz

If you’re a male who wants to know which lady from the HP Universe he is best suited for, take this test and note down your answers as you go along the quiz!

I. What is your hobby?

a) You don’t have a hobby, you’re almost always busy with work and duties.
b) Playing a sport.
c) Reading and writing.
d) Hanging out with friends.
e) Spending time with family.
f) Shopping and grooming yourself.
g) Being an asshole.

II. What would be your ideal date?

a) Poring over books together in a library with some butterbeer.
b) Watching a live event together like a concert or a match.
c) Roaming in museums and exhibitions and trying out different places.
d) A proper candlelight dinner.
e) Lounging about at home eating and watching a movie together.
f) Attending a fancy party or clubbing together.
g) Making fun of people together and judging them.

III. What is the one quality your ideal partner should have?

a) Intelligence and knowledge.
b) A sense of humour and fun loving.
c) Wit and cleverness.
d) A gentle manner.
e) A caring nature.
f) Grace and elegance.
g) A sharp mind.

IV. What do you first notice in a woman?

a) Her brain.
b) Her talks.
c) Her thoughts and opinions.
d) Her face.
e) Her talent.
f) Her looks and style.
g) Her comments on people.

Harry potter quiz

V. How are you most likely to meet your partner?

a) By bumping into her in a library where you both are searching books upon a certain social cause and how you can help.
b) She is pretty popular in your circle and your friends introduce you to each other.
c) You notice her sitting alone in a corner somewhere and her eccentric manner draws you towards her.
d) She is sitting in a beautiful café and looking pretty, drinking the same drink that you also order every time and you can’t help but go and talk to her.
e) She is cheerful and flamboyant and both of you work at the same place. You develop a crush on her but she makes the first move.
f) In a wedding or a party, she is the most attractive and noticeable girl there, the centre of everyone’s attention.
g) Both of you bond over the common hatred you have for some people and you like her immediately.

VI. Who are your favorite creatures from the HP universe?

a) Elves
b) Patronuses
c) Thestrals
d) Unicorns
e) Werewolves
f) Veela
g) Snakes

– If you got mostly A’s: Your ideal partner is Hermione Granger, the cleverest witch of her age!

– If you got mostly B’s: You ideal partner is Ginny Weasley, a badass Quidditch player and one of the funniest girls!

– If you got mostly C’s:
Your ideal partner is Luna Lovegood, dreamy and witty!

– If you got mostly D’s:
Your ideal partner is Cho Chang, pretty and smart and so sweet!

– If you got mostly E’s:
Your ideal partner is Nymphadora Tonks, one of the best Aurors out there who is also very protective and caring!

– If you got mostly F’s:
Your ideal partner is Fleur Delacour, devastatingly stunning and elegant!

– If you got mostly G’s:
Your partner is Pansy Parkinson, the bad girl with a cunning mind!

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Which woman from the Harry Potter Universe is best suited for you according to the above harry potter quiz? Do let us know in the comments section below!