En-route To Agony: Heart Breaking Tale Of A Father!

He adored and cosseted his only son,

And treasured this valuable possession.

To earn, pulled handcarts in glaring heat;

To get him a toy gun wandered every street.

To get his favourite shoes, traversed along barefooted;

He secretly skipped meals, to get him educated.

Off he married him with great ardour,

Performed all his obligations as a father.

The swift hours, when off they flew;

Enfolded the trepidation of his downfall he knew.

Son denounced him and eyesight betrayed;

His hair, they greyed and bones frayed.

Once, by his child’s gibber he used to be amused;

But for his own tedious spiel now is abused.

Whatever he did, son always had a strife;

His own son’s words hurt him like a knife.

No longer could his body stand the pain,

It seemed all his sacrifices went in vain.

Just as the shady tree is always chopped first,

Chopped were the branches of his efforts and trust.

Just then creaked the old age home’s chair,

He awoke perspiring wishing it to be a nightmare.

Drop your views in the comments section below, and always remember that no amount of success you get in life is worth if you can’t take care of your father when he is old.