Graphic Design: A Recent Interest

We have been doing it forever. Prehistoric Cavemen painted on walls to tell their stories. Hieroglyphics were used by Egyptians and European’s multiple canvas to retreat a story.
And today, posters, comic books, novels with graphics, merging words with images to tell a story. As a graphic designer, learning how to master this technique is an important skill.
Following tips may help you:
– If you’re a think tanker, visualize your story.
As a graphic designer, you should focus on the images you are creating.
If you are using too many pictures/icons, imagine how each content will work together to bring out something awesome. Ask yourself:
Will these images produce a good design?
How will the audience react?
Do I need to add something to clarify this design?
Are these ideas too complex or too simple to be represented graphically?
And when you are able to answer these questions then only you will be able to like your own design.
– Uses of various sources.
My personal favorite sources are –
First, google images/search because when you see designs, it gives you ideas of how to grab perfect icons to bring something awesome. 
Second, YouTube if you’re new in graphics it gives you a boost to learning things quickly with full tutorials and perfect guiding by experts and it also teaches cool stuff to work on.
Third and the best one is photography, with a fine camera and a perfect sight you can shoot some beautiful shots and modify it to something really awesome.
– Uses of tools
The most important thing is to use the perfect tools because without them it is hard to turn your imagination into reality.
There are various software, applications, and tools for designing but the best ones are Adobe, Corel and Google tools. You can start-up your work with
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Google pencil, CorelDRAW: Graphics Suite X8.
Personally, I think there’s nothing cooler than designing stuff, its fun, it’s awesome. But talking about the future in designing, people still lack interest in it.
You guys should definitely try and work in this field. Projects are waiting for you. <3
– Arpit Pandey
Cyber Graphic Designer