Fragments of a Star

There was once a star – a very bright star, constituting a fair number of fragments.

The fragment of Hope –

Her birth brought hope to this world. A tiny whole of blazing tranquility was she. Her crystal gleam hoped for a wider berth in this world, for a true recognition among her peers. Her tiny fragments stretched out into the sky, she hoped for a high place, for thousands of faces to adore her. Yet, her brightness seemed not on par with those around her. The paleness her being radiated was nothing compared to the luster of her friends.

Her hope, a pawn like every other’s hope, was killed on that very battlefield. Her fragment of Hope got darkened like it never existed before.

The fragment of Grace –

She grew up like the princess she was meant to be. Every step of hers was audacious. Her every move, her every sway was resplendent. Not even the brightest sun could compare. And then she turned into an adolescent. Five days a month, the pain around her reproductive organs scrunched her insides. Even worse were her emotions. No one could understand the fall of her beauty. All they could see was her unbridled anger.

Her Grace, which she so lovingly cradled in her every part, was stripped away and she was left standing as the ‘ungraceful’ in a tattered dress the society threw at her. Her fragment of Grace lost its light too.

The fragment of Love –

Love isn’t a bed of roses, her mother always whispered in her ear. She only believed that the love her parents showered on her was the purest. Yet, she voluntarily chose to cut her heart out for him. The male star, who shone in her world, like no one else. His enigmatic aura was charismatic. No less than a prince, she thought they fit together, just like a pearl and an oyster. But, as it is well-known, the oyster is never a permanent residence for a pearl.

Her pearl, the male star, chose a higher world above hers. He had goals to achieve, to write his name on the gold petals of history. She let him go willingly, for him to rise above and she let go of her heart too. Her fragment of love then turned heartless.

The fragment of Pain –

At this point, losing too many vital fragments, she suffered through a phase of gargantuan agony and anguish. The world was flooded with her tears… They were searing, like a red-hot iron… Unforgiving. She bubbled up like a volcano, ready to burst at a single throw of stone. Her cries rumbled like thunder across the dark skies. The void, where once her heart used to be, clawed through her entire being, dulling her shine. She cared not for her beauty, nor about her radiance.

She had nothing to lose anymore. And when morning dew that glided over grass blades shone under the mighty sun, she let go of her fragment of Pain.

The fragment of Loss –

The clocked chimed again, like a horror story, just to let the dull star know about the demise of her loved ones. At the age, where her own existence was at question, she saw the subfusc bodies of her mother and father. Though her life partner held her in his arms, her body, nor her soul, felt anything. One day, this was supposed to happen but she hadn’t prepared herself for it.

Yet, she did not cry. She cried enough in her life. Instead, she felt her glow darken rapidly in the absence of her tears. Kneeling by her parents’ ashes, her fragment of Loss turned to ash too.

The fragment of Death –

She had seen so much… And, she was seeing it again. Flashes from her childhood, the smiles of her parents, the jealousy fit she had because her friend shone brighter than she ever did, that feeling of satisfaction when she won a game, the agony that ripped her apart when she parted with her first love, her fiery first kiss, her marriage to a loving and handsome male star who she grew to love, her children, the demise of her parents…

When she sucked in her last breath, she whispered ‘I love you, my star’ to her old husband, who laid still on her chest.

There was once a star, whose fragments are now star-dust.

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