The Amazing Things People Are Doing With Fidget Spinners

fidget spinners

A trend which started in April end and hasn’t stopped yet. If you don’t know what fidget spinners are then you’re probably an alien reading my article. It’s called a fidget spinner because it can spin and it allows you to do what you normally try not to do: fidget.

Well, people are doing some serious shit with their fidget spinners and there you are, just uploading it in your Snapchat and Instagram story. (Oops, burn!) Here is a list of cooler things you can do with your triad device and actually boast about it on social media.

  • Use it as a guitar pick. Yes! You can actually play the guitar using your fidget spinner as a pick. Here is Davie’s video’s link who played his bass guitar with the spinner.


fidget spinner
Davie playing his BASS GUITAR with a fidget spinner

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  • Fidget spinner trick shots. This video by Dude Perfect will make you try some new things with your friends instead of asking them to hold your phone and record you spin a spinner, duh! Watch their trick shots NOW by clicking here.
fidget spinner
Fidget spinner trick shots

Fidget Spinner Battles

fidget spinner
Fidget spinner battles

fidget spinner

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10 Fidget Spinners Tower

fidget spinner
10 Fidget spinners tower

Bowling With A Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner
Bowling with a fidget spinner

And Many More Tricks To Look Out For

fidget spinner
and many more tricks to look out for.

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  • More trick shots! A video by That’s Amazing.

Spinning It Under A Paper Cup.

fidget spinner

Making A Rubber Gun Kinda Thing

fidget spinner

Well, This Is Weird. You Spin It On Your Nose And Solve Rubik’s Cube

fidget spinner

Oh Yes, Spin The Bottle Then The Spinner Then Again The Bottle.

fidget spinner

Watch it here and tell us in the comments below which fidget spinner trick are you going to try.