12 Concentration Games To Play On Your Cellphones

Concentration games to play
Concentration games to play

Do you remember the days when we ran out of our houses to play with our friends? Those were the days when there were no smartphones to curb societal relationships. We used to play run and catch; lock and key – also known as ice and water; colour, colour which colour do you want; hide and seek; seven stones and many more. Now that the age of smartphones has dawned, we find ourselves running to finish work instead of running to have fun. In this hectic life, the era of smartphones has given us another way of relaxation – apps in the form of Concentration Games to play on your mobile  phones.

There are too many games out there on Playstore to list here. So, as far as my knowledge and experience goes, I’ve listed some of my favourites and some suggested by my friends. If you haven’t tried these yet, do give them a shot, fellas!

Warning: These games are dangerous because they are addictive!

1. Don’t Tap The White Tile by Cheetah Games

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Also known as “Piano Tiles”, with a sequel “Piano Tiles 2”, this game is one of the most addictive games out there. All you have to do is – Follow the black tiles. As your score keeps on increasing, the speed of approach of black tiles also increases. There are different modes in this game and you can choose whichever mode you like. There are global challenges and also you can exercise your fingers to tap faster. In the end, though, you’ll find yourself with sore fingers!

2. ZigZag by Ketchapp

There’s a wall in space and it wouldn’t be so hard if it’s just a wall. That wall is a zigzagged wall with too many turns! And on it lies a small ball which can only be manoeuvered with the tap of our thumb on the screen. Believe me when I say that it’s really difficult to get the hang of this game unless you delve deep into it. My friends and I had fun playing this game as a challenge. Of course, I don’t want to brag but I used to win ‘coz I had lots of practice compared to them (*smirks).

Tap Tap Dash by Cheetah Games

This game is a bit like “Zigzag” mentioned in this list. Only, there’ll be directions laid out for you on the walkway. Tap the screen to jump or change direction. But beware, do not fall off the walkway if you want your character to keep going. The speed also increases. And, there are 1000 levels! You can buy new characters too! This game is insanely difficult and addictive!

3. Archery Master 3D by TerranDroid

A simple game, really! You can only understand it if you play. As any novice, the starting levels would be difficult because our brains should process the information. Once it’s done, all you need is concentration and a little brain food to play these kinds of games. With good graphics and challenges rising with every level, you’ll find this game super addictive. You’ll learn why wind is the enemy of an archer. At the same time, you’ll also learn that a true archer wields wind to increment his power.

4. Unblock Me FREE by Kiragames Co., Ltd.

If you ask me, what’s more irksome, to solve a puzzle or to be stuck in a puzzle, I’d answer the former. ‘Coz once it’s solved, you lose the thrill of working for it; you lose the multiplications and subtractions your mind does. The thrill of a puzzle lies in working for it and once it’s solved, you’ll want more. And, Unblock me is one such game. It creeps you out. There are many blocks which you can slide either horizontally or vertically. There’ll be one different coloured block (red), and you have to slide that odd block through the exit by making way for it using the remaining blocks. It’s pure brain work mixed with tact and concentration!

5. Twist by Ketchapp

Another one by Ketchapp! All you need to do is tap your finger. You see a twist forming right in front of your eyes in space. Rectangular blocks pile up to form a tortuous structure and your ball rolls on these rectangular blocks. You need to tap and hop on the next block to keep on rolling forth or else, your ball will fall down into endless space.

Similar to this game is Hop by Ketchapp.

6. Tunnel Rush by Deer Cat

This game is so scary that you’ll literally flinch every time you get hit by an obstacle. Here, it’s not just concentration that you require; you’ll need fast processing too. The game starts and the player initially crawls through the tunnel at slow speed. As the levels progress, the crawl turns to a walk, then to a sprint, then to a run and so on. The obstacles keep on increasing and you have to tap the screen continuously to avoid them. The only side effect of this game is, you’ll get a frustrating headache yet you won’t stop playing this scary game!

Similar to this game is “Rush” by Ketchapp.

7. Death Pipe by Anion Software

Just the opposite of Tunnel Rush. Instead of racing through the tunnel, here, in this game, the player races on the outer surface of a pipe. The graphics in the game are really great! There’ll be obstacles on the periphery of the pipe and you need to tilt your device to avoid running into obstacles. Hit one, the game’s over – you’ll have to start again!

8. Snake VS Block by VOODOO

Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the numbered bricks! The higher number of bricks you break, the higher your score gets! You collect numbered balls as you swipe your snake and increase its tail. Then you’ll come across different numbered blocks. Depending on the number of balls your snake has, you have to break the bricks. The game ends when the snake has less than 0 balls. For every ‘star’ brick you break, you’ll get a magical ability to waltz through the bricks and increase your score for a few seconds.

9. Don’t Touch The Spikes by Ketchapp

There’s a bird between two walls. The walls are crenellated with triangular spikes at certain spots. For the bird to fly, you need to tap the screen. In order to score points, keep on tapping the screen so that your bird touched the wall space between spikes. In this way, you gather points. Touch the spikes – your bird will drop dead. This game also includes various challenges!

10. Rolling Sky by Cheetah Games

Personally, I despise this game! Why? Because it always crumbles my hopes of securing a win, you know? Obstacles pop out of nowhere! It’s one of the most unpredictable mind games. It pushes you to your limits because this game tests your speed and reaction. You have to control your ball through these invisible and suddenly visible obstacles in order to win. Once again, it all comes down to your reflexes!

11. 100 Doors World Of History by OAS developer

You can uninstall this game as soon as you’re done with it. It’s a logic game hidden in 100 doors. You have to find the next door by opening one door. In order to walk to the third door, you must open doors 1 and 2. And opening the doors can only be possible by solving the hidden puzzle first. Solve the puzzle – find the key – open the door – walk to the next puzzle! Like this, you open 100 doors!

There are many variants of this game. And, you can find them on Google Play Store by searching using the keywords “100 doors”.

12. Roll Balls Into A Hole by Ball Games

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You’ll have a wooden plank on which, depending on your level, the number of holes will differ. And, on the plank, you’ll find many silver balls and a red ball. The game is simple! You just have to tilt your device and roll all the balls into the holes. But, the red ball should be the last one to roll into the hole. You’ll find it challenging and frustrating too!

This list might or might not contain the concentration games you’ve played. How many games listed here have you played? If you played any other games which aren’t mentioned in this list under this category, do let us and our fellow gamers know about them in the comments below!


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