Some Of The Best T-series Mix-tapes To Rule Your Playlist!

Songs are heartbeats for every occasion and emotion. Lyrics are silver linings of our life, few verses capture feelings and confessions. Whether it is a wake-up or break up, a get-together or getting two people together forever, songs are the essence of celebrations. At times, all we need is a beat and prompt to make a moment perfect.  T-Series brings two popular songs in one, sung by melodic and favourite singers where two beautiful tunes melt in the arms of each other flowing as one stream with T-series Mixtape!

Here are the best picks from two seasons of T-series Mixtapes:

1. Ambarsariya/Suit – Kanika Kapoor and Guru Randhawa

Ambarsariya and Suit originally were sung by Sona Mohan Patra and Giri Randhawa merged to a perfect mix. The mix is re-sung by Kanika Kapoor and Guru Randha which is a peppy, easy number of weddings and house parties. It sets a perfect stage for boys vs. girls. Whom will you tag/dedicate this song? Maybe as a suggestion for the sangeet.

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2. Main Agar Kahoon/Bol Do Na Zara – Armaan Malik and Jonita Gandhi

Main Agar Kahoon is a magic created by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. On the other hand, Bol Do Na Zara sung by Armaan Malik made a mark in the hearts filled with love. A mix of these both is re-sung by Armaan Malik and Jonita Gandhi. Best song to dedicate to the love of your life.

3. Dua/ Sawre – Neeti Mohan and Salim Merchant

Entangled voices of Arijit Singh, Nandini Shekar and Shekar gave us a classic song ‘Jo Bheji Thi Dua’ and Arijit’s sing wand ‘Sawre’ moved us. These two songs mixed to an emotional song-narrating story of a lost love, voiced by Neeti Mohan and Salim Merchant. It may strike that untouchable nerve you are hiding to keep your emotions safe.

4. Tu Jo Mila/ Raabta – Shirley Setia and Jubin Nautiyal

Tu Jo Mila and Raabta have beautiful lyrics blessed by soothing voices of KK and Arijit. The charm of both is re-sung by Shirley Setia and Jubin Nautiyal. This mix has all the lyrics to blossom budding love story which will only taste sweet forming an unknown connection between hearts.

5. Kabira/Naina – Mohd. Irfan and Neha Kakkar

Tochi Raina – Rekha Bharadwaj and Arijit presented two beautiful songs Kabira and Naina in their calming vocals. With no disgrace to their songs, Mohd. Irfan and Neha Kakkar recreated the fairy-tale of heart, love and life. To live it, all you need is to click the play button.

6. Tose Naina/Tum Jo Aaye – Armaan Malik and Tulsi Kumar

Tose Naina and Tum Jo Aaye intoned Arijit and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Tulsi Kumar respectively. Lyrics re-sung by Armaan Malik and Tulsi Kumar unwrapped lost words. Failing to confess your love, this song has all those words stringed together to confess your love gently tuned. Send this to her/him for a dramatic, memorable and romantic confession.

How about a cherry on the cake? Those special songs which are yet to hit 10 million views like above songs but still capture our hearts. Some of them are:

7. Mera Mann/Yahin Hoon Main – Ayushman Khurrana

The very talented Ayushmann Khurrana on the stage of T-series Mixtape stole hearts first with his smile, and then his voice.

8. Sun Zara/Tujhe Bhula Diya – Shaan and Shruthi Pathak

Two of Bollywood’s most popular romantic songs saw a beautiful combination in the voices of Shaan and Shruti Pathak. Couples lost in love are going to love this one!

9. Sab Tera/Socha Na Sake – Neeti Mohan and Hardy Sandhu

Our favourite Punjabi voice doing the Bollywood version of his original song Soch Na Sake along with one of the sweetest voices in the industry is a blessing. As if this wasn’t enough, they mixed it with Sab Tera, a popular romantic tune.

10. Agar Tum Saath Ho/Maahi Ve – Jubin and Prakriti

A rendition of two heartfelt songs with lyrics conveying the complexities of love has been served with utmost delicacy by Jubin and Prakriti, all on the set of T-series Mixtapes.

11. Sooraj Dooba Hai/ Subha Hone Na De

This power-packed performance stuffed with loads of happy tunes can get your day started! Nakash Aziz and Aditi Singh on the lead vocals set the stage on fire!

12. Roke Na Ruke/Mast Magan

In the melodious voices of Tulsi Kumar and Dev Negi, we get a romantic mashup of two popular Bollywood songs Roke Na Ruke and Mast Magan. The hold that the singers have over their voices is commendable.

13. Dilbar/Ishare Tere/Tere Te

This is my personal favourite from both the Mixtape series. Neha Kakkar with her peppy voice and lively expressions is complemented by Guru Randhawa’s deep voice. They have done justice to these superhit numbers making it a perfect dance song!

13. Ik Vaari/Nadaan Parindey/Tum Ho To

The performance starts with Shirley Setia and Jubin Nautiyal, and somewhere in the middle, we see Abhijit Vaghani stepping in with his voice! T-series Mixtapes is for sure producing the best mashups.

14. Yaar Mod Do/Tera Yaar Hoon Main

Neha Kakkar and Millind Gaba get the audience nodding to their soulful tunes. Two modern-day songs dedicated to friends were combined to give us the friendship anthem of the year!

15. Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon/Dil Kyu Ye Mera

Amaal Mallik and Prakriti Kakar have created this pleasing mashup of two romantic songs. This can surely be a great background for a candle-light dinner with your significant other.

16. Galliyan/Dil Mein Ho Tum

Jonita Gandhi and Salim Merchant, with their melodious voices put up a great show on the stage of T-Series. This song can give you love chills anytime!

17. Kahin Toh Hogi Woh/Teri Aahatein

This mashup brings out the pain of lost love and its search. Neeti Mohan and Shekhar, assisted by Abhijit bring out the beauty of pain on stage with their voices!

18. O Saathi/Humsafar

Nikhita Gandhi and Ash King in this duet bring out the joyful intricacies of love. With lyrics that can be felt by those in love, their voices are a garnishing!

19. Aaoge Jab Tum/Jag Soona Soona

This mashup has a retro-classic sound to it, but it is actually a combination of two contemporary romantic songs. These songs explore the pain in losing the love of your life, and the joy in earning and meeting them again.

These mixtapes are definitely the mini-coke studio in India who are giving us some major ‘Playlist Goals’. Go ahead, hit like and download these really good songs to feel awesome.

Do let us know the best mix-tapes from T-series that you like in the comment section below!