5 Best Board Games Of All Time That Will Leave You Loaded With Excitement!

Best Board Games Of All Time
Best Board Games Of All Time

Often at times, we find ourselves deep in boredom. Many weekends come and go, as we hang out with our near and dear ones. With the same holiday routine, our lives tend to become monotonous and thus we constantly find ourselves seeking new entertainment. Need a new entertainment? Consider Best Board Games Of All Time

Board games can serve as one of the best forms of entertainment. Be it during the quality time spent with family or during a weekend hanging out with friends, Board games can always come to your rescue from monotony!

Thus, we bring to you 5 Best Board Games Of All Time that will keep you entertained on holidays with friends and family.



Best Board Games Of All Time
Best Board Games Of All Time


Taboo was first published by the Park brothers in 1989. It is a word-guessing game with a pre-defined set of taboo words.

There are two teams who play in turns. A player is selected to draw cards from a deck of cards. Each card has a keyword that is to be guessed and a set of taboo words that are commonly associated with the keyword.  The player should then describe the keyword to his team without using any of the words present on the card. Indeed, the top entry in our best board games of all time.

Best Board Games Of All Time
Best Board Games Of All Time

The game comes with a timer and a buzzer. Each team is allotted a certain duration of time within which they should guess the maximum amount of cards possible. The buzzer is used when the player uses a taboo word while describing the keyword in which case the team loses their points to the opponents.

Taboo is a good vocabulary building board game that is exciting and fun to play. It can be played by all age-groups.



Best Board Games Of All Time

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Did you know that there are approximately 4,000 Scrabble clubs around the world today? One shouldn’t be surprised considering that Scrabble is one of the most famous and well-known word game. It is a classic word building game which can be played by a maximum of 4 players.

Each player is given seven drawn letter-tiles with which they should form words on the game board that is chequered into small squares. There are also premium squares present on the board that multiplies the points awarded for each letter. Once the first word is formed, the subsequent words can only be formed from an already played letter-tile or an already added word.


Best Board Games Of All Time

As more words are added it gets tougher to form newer words and gain more points. Thus, Scrabble is an excellent game to improve vocabulary and also serves as a good source of entertainment.

3. Deal Street


Best Board Games Of All Time


DealStreet is an interesting game that is the brainchild of Priyanka Sondhi, Avik Bhandari, and Arjun Sondhi. The underlying motive in developing the game was to help people learn finance intuitively.

The elements of the game help people with no prior knowledge of finance to learn about the basics of finance. DealStreet involves multiple scenarios like trading shares, taking loans, making interest payments and other various situations like bankruptcy, cash-crunch etc. The game is played in real-time realities of various cities around the world with the socioeconomic conditions affecting their real estate prices.

There are other interesting and fun features such as gambling in Vegas, fighting pirates and drug lords etc., which spike up your adrenaline. All in all, DealStreet is an interesting game that requires a lot of thinking and strategizing. It will have you jumping out of your seats right to the end.



Best Board Games Of All Time


Catan is a world-building game in which players try to be the dominant force on an island by trying to build settlements, cities, and roads. The setup consists of randomly placed hexagonal shaped tiles that represent various resources and a desert. Each player is then given two settlements as the base on which they should continue developing as the game progresses. Points are based on the extent of development of the settlements and accumulation of various resources. Once a player has won 10 points, he wins the game.

Best Board Games Of All Time

Catan is perfect for a long and cozy weekend with friends and family. Give it a try!



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Monopoly has always been the favorite of all the board games, it was first developed by Charles Darrow in 1933 and was later released by the Park brothers. It was awarded as the Game of the century by the toy retailers association.

The players are each given a property for which they are assigned as the landlords, during the course of the entire game they each attempt to develop their properties with the income gained when other players land on the property and pay rent. When there is a cash crunch in the game, the properties are mortgaged. The game is won when a player remains as the only participant with any money.

Monopoly is a fun and exciting game where the players have to use all their wits to win and it is a perfect game to be played with you near and dear ones!

That was a quick list of best board games of all time we think you should play on a long weekend or anytime when you are looking for some fun!

Have we missed out on your favorite board games? Leave us your views and suggestions in the comments below.