BAK Industries Retractable Vs. Folding Tonneau Covers

Make the most of your truck bed with a durable BAK Industries cover. These high-quality covers provide the safety and privacy you need to store tools, protect camping gear from the rain, and enjoy a fully secure storage area. Find out how to compare folding BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover styles with retractable alternatives today.

Convenient Retractable Tonneaus

The latest in tonneau cover technology is a retractable cover with motorized operation. Some covers use a pull strap instead of an electronic system, but all retractable covers use a garage-door-style design to open up and seal off your truck bed.

BAK Industries retractable covers use aluminum slats and durable rails to slide in and out. When your retractable cover is closed, it offers a locking top to your truck bed. Open it up and enjoy a small cover footprint to get the most of your truck bed space.

Retractable covers are more convenient once installed, but the installation process is more complicated than any other type of tonneau. You’ll need some patience to make sure the rails are spaced properly for a secure fit and easy opening. Detailed instructions and how-to videos help you take on this DIY project.

Popular Folding Covers

Folding covers are particularly popular options for your truck bed. Pick up a folding BAK truck bed cover to enjoy an affordable alternative that provides many of the same benefits. A hard folding cover still makes it easy to open and close your truck bed. These covers use rigid panels and aluminum frames for maximum protection. While it takes up slightly more space when folded up at the front of your truck bed, this style is far easier to install and uninstall as needed.

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How To Compare Covers

Both folding and retractable BAK Industries tonneau covers are popular options for sealing off your truck bed. Choose a cover that fits your truck and offers the features you need. Before ordering a cover, be sure you know the dimensions of your truck bed. Shopping online makes it easy to sort based on your make and model of vehicle or truck bed dimensions.

Next, consider your common truck bed cargo. If you’re going to frequently store large items in your truck bed, a retractable cover offers more space when fully opened. A folding cover, however, is easy to completely remove if your tonneau rails are going to be in the way.

Compare cover warranties and materials. These features help you get an idea of the expected lifetime of your tonneau and how much you can place on top of the cover. Strapping a large item to the top of your cover can be a good way to increase your storage space, but only if your cover is rated for this strategy.

Shop Online for a BAK Industries Product

It’s time to find the best BAK hard tonneau cover for your ride. Compare prices, dimensions, warranty lengths, and customer reviews before making the best aftermarket part purchase. Shop online to enjoy excellent deals and a wide range of killer options for hard tonneau covers.