An Open Letter To My Father Who Lost His Life For The Nation

Father's Day Special.

Dear Father,

Your presence is what I had always begged for from the God. All the kids gift their father different things on this special day. They make handmade greeting cards too! I have seen some people uploading pictures with their dad. They probably fight or argue with him on some days but on this day, they do show their love to him.

Father, I pray for your peace each night before sleeping. I miss your bedtime stories but before becoming the brightest star in the sky you left me with your tale which I narrate to others. How bravely you fought with your brothers at the border so that we, citizens can sleep peacefully.

Father, I remember the day your body came to our front gate in a coffin covered with a tricolour cloth. I had to act bravely at that time because mother had lost all her control and she was crying, a lot. Yes, father, she misses you very much. Maybe, more than me.

Father, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day and I hope your soul rests in