3 years ago. Just ask my son, now all grown up, who used to go out, bucket in hand, and come back with a purple mouth and very few berries. Lv 7. Ivy, on the other hand, generally finds much more comfort among plants than humans and definitely isn’t afraid to strike anyone in her path. 2 days ago | 3 views. The worst case I had was when we had been clearing out brush and weeds from AJ’s first house in the country in San Marcos. 0. Labs _ Batman and Harley Quinn#243. Lots of red, not quite ripe dewberries. 7:56. by Alice Liles | May 10, 2016 ... And apparently in the process uncovered some poison ivy. 0. The Green is an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on earth, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees. They can grow up to six inches thick, and stretch over 100 feet tall, covering places like fences, tree trunks, and gardens. None of these characters would fight each other. Daemon Blackfyre - Highlight Series. And then AJ had to rub in it and sent me a picture of his empty bowl- no doubt the helping I should have had! And no poison ivy. show, I don't expect Ivy being the Avatar of the Green to last. READ THE WHOLE POST! He is defeated by the superheroic Atom. While he was doing all of that, Ivy was constantly popping in and out of Batman books, and only received a handful of issues dedicated to her character. It was a pretty fair hike to get there. Though some people may not realize it, the shared abilities between the two make them far more frightening than they may appear. Check in next week. Are there Marvel versions of Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing? Whatever differences are between them, both have served as great defenders of The Green, the life force that connects to all plant life in the DC universe. 0. Towards the middle of Tom King’s Batman run, Ivy actually managed to mind control the entire planet with the exception of Batman and Catwoman. Because you know that if Alec started giving in to Ivy’s charms, Abby would show up and kick her aas. Which I did. After obtaining her abilities from a chemical accident, Ivy developed some access to The Green, but she is not connected to it in the same way that Swamp Thing is. In the fall, poison sumac can be the most colorful but dangerous plant. We made a pretty good haul, enough for a decent cobbler. He saw 6 thorns embedded in his hip. Since making his debut, Swamp Thing has had several solo series, survived several reboots, and accomplished all sorts of wonders. However the two go about it, they are both some incredibly hard beings to put a permanent end to, resulting in a tie for this round. I’m sure when I was a kid I picked dewberries with Daddy and didn’t get poison ivy. Poison Ivy, on the other hand, came about her abilities in a much different manner. Vs Swamp Thing. Both Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing have effectively proven to be immortal, though the two go about it in two widely different ways. That’s another story, but here’s a sample. So, in spite of Bill’s warnings, off we went. Created by remy94. 6 Answers. However, despite having similar abilities, the two are still very distinct characters. 0. And apparently in the process uncovered some poison ivy. Looking at some specific factors, here is our input on Poison Ivy vs Swamp Thing and who is truly the better guardian of The Green. Report. Favorite Answer. Fight 2. BUT the leaves have noticeable, heavily jagged edges (not so with PI). I mean yes you can surprise him sometimes using magical or exotic plants against him but Ivy mainly sticks to earth biology. Throughout his history, Holland has often viewed his situation as a curse and regularly tries to retain what little of his humanity remains. His favorite characters are Batman, Swamp Thing, Blue Beetle, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She was a good sport. 5 leaf. Poison Ivy vs Swamp Thing: Who is the Better Guardian of The Green? Playing next. Big surprise. He’s also supernatural, where poison ivy is just biological. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Groot 4 Poison Ivy 5 Death Battle 5.1 Fight 5.2 KO 6 Conclusion 7 Next Time Marvel vs. DC. The trick is moving the vines to find the ripe ones underneath the foliage. But I have had to put up with that I told you so coming from Bill. Followers. I used the cream on the red bug, aka chigger bites, but they are nothing compared to the poison ivy rash. … Fight 4. In Poison Ivy’s case, she has been seen to put her conscience into a seed which, as the seed grows, sprouts an entirely new Pamela Isely. Fight 2. For now, Holland is the more powerful and experienced of the two, making him the better guardian. ” Poison Ivy is a plant controlling super-villainess who frequently battles with the Dark Knight, Batman. Character Poison Ivy I was experimenting with redesigning batman rogues and so far I've only gotten Ivy done and added lore. However, Holland isn’t exactly a regular member of the Justice League. Granted, Holland has the advantage of being a hero, while Ivy has been a major villain for most of her publication history. Looking at some specific factors, here is our input on Poison Ivy vs Swamp Thing and who is truly the better guardian of The Green. Though she does have a very strong miniseries of her own, it is not nearly enough in comparison to Swamp Thing, making him the victor yet again. I can’t wear my tennis shoes as they and the socks hit right where the rash is. Various plant elementals of the DC Universe have been known to communicate with the Green as well and appear to have an in-tune rapport with it. Fight 3. Wiki Points. But it always is. Ivy could grow more powerful, even surpassing the avatar himself. Unfortunately, Swamp Thing still has the more powerful friends at his back, making him the clear winner in this regard. Though they are very unlikely to assist her, Ivy has still had some very powerful allies over the years. Spending time with the kids and eating dewberry pie? While Swamp Thing would eventually be able to overpower Ivy in the end, the general abilities shared between them sees this round result in a tie. Vs Catwoman. While he was doing all of that, Ivy was constantly popping in and out of Batman books, and only received a handful of issues dedicated to her character. A long just for the record, but it’s my story.) To satisfy Bill, who knew I was highly allergic, I wore a long-sleeved shirt to protect my arms, but failed to consider the tops of my unprotected feet in tennis shoes. His hip was bleeding. What would happen if you made tea from poison ivy leaves? Cassandra Cain vs. Batman: Who is Gotham City's Best Fighter? Redxiii18881990. has had several solo series, survived several reboots, and accomplished all sorts of wonders. Bruce Wayne meets Arthur Curry _ Justice League [Fan-Snyder Cut]#639. Swamp Dewberry and Northern Dewberry form dense mats under the chokeberry. I can’t wear jeans for the same reason. While Pamela Isely has grown over the years, her ties to The Green are not yet up to the standard of Swamp Thing’s. Swamp thing 10/10. But all these vines, from the big 2-incher to the tiny 1/4 incher are all poison ivy. Power. Thanks for watching! Also just for the record, I had a gift waiting at home from daughter Caroline, with whom I did not get to celebrate the day. Please consider to subscribe to my small channel if you like watching weird bugs and gameplays! In fact, during lean years the Dewberry is an extremely important deer food, but then again, so too is poison ivy. While Ivy herself is far from weak, she does have a tendency to rely on her abilities or plants to do her heavy lifting. 0. 0. Win awesome prizes! Poison Ivy. Combat. Granted, Swamp Thing could also accomplish this feat if he wished to, but Ivy was the one who managed to pull it off. She wasn’t expecting it; we really didn’t order it, just mentioned it was her birthday. I didn’t take a picture so I wouldn’t embarrass her. Poison Ivy is quite the foe. Despite all the things that Swamp Thing has done over the years, Poison Ivy has pulled off a feat so big that it is a truly frightening aspect of her character. He once was controlled by Poison Ivy to wreak havoc across Gotham City. 5-leaf. Thank goodness I kept the meds and added a poison ivy soap scrub to get rid of the pesky oils from the plant when I got home this time. Poison Ivy appears as a playable character in Injustice 2. It was awful. TBF DC isn't that into corporate synergy (Arthur Curry still doesn't look like Jason Momoa despite the film starring the latter becoming the biggest DC film at the box office). Since his ties to The Green are much more direct, Swamp Thing has the potential to accomplish a lot more within himself. As mentioned previously, Holland can really only die so long as all plant life is completely extinct. Blackberry Bush vs. Chapter 4: Invasion! After our bag began to fill up, the stream down from the patch was inviting to Ben and Frodo, who by this time were hot and sticky from picking and chose to cool off in the water. While some members of the League would likely rush to Holland’s aid should he need it, he isn’t exactly besties with some of the mainstream members. Fight 3. I couldn’t wear anything with sleeves and missed a full week of school. Relevance. Fight 2. Is this match really fair…? DCAU Joker Vs. DCEU Joker: Which One Is Better? Just how Poison Ivy can exist in two separate forms may relate to Ivy’s plant-based biology. Poison oak is very similar to poison ivy, it can have shiny leaves and also irritate the skin. Poison Ivy is pretty much just a human who can control and mutate plants. More from. 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