For middle-aged kids, this could be a good “teaching experience”, to help them learn to play together and listen to everyone’s input, instead of trying to boss other players around. Each costs 1 action... a) MOVE: Move 1 space orthogonally. RULES: These tiles will have been flipped face down by random card draws to show those tiles are now underwater. It is easy to learn – for our first game we got everything out and were playing in five minutes – and fans of the designer’s classic Pandemic will recognise certain similarities. 2. So if it feels too easy or boring, ratchet the difficulty to ‘legendary’ and see how you do. (Red Engineer, Black Diver, Grey Messenger, etc.) -Utilizing those special abilities, carefully planning each action to make the most of each turn, and mastering cooperation are key components to winning this game. I stumbled on the real mind-blower of this game’s greatness on the tips page here (thanks @dragontrainer)… there are official variant tile layouts other than the original square, all of which make the game MUCH more difficult. My college aged son and I just recently got into designer board games after years for playing Magic:TG. The water level counter reaches the skull and crossbones. I won’t go into too much detail about how all that happens here as other reviews have already done that. Draw 2 Treasure deck cards. Get a treasure – discard 4 matching treasure cards when on a tile showing the matching treasure, and take that treasure token. And the instructions are very easy… to this day, Forbidden Island may be the only game I’ve self-taught where no mistakes were made with the rules in the first play-through. The custom tin insert makes it very easy to put away and helps keep the pieces in good condition. If a Waters Rise! It’s hard to argue with this much family fun in such a small, inexpensive package. After taking their actions, players must draw additional treasure cards and then reveal flood cards that correspond to the tiles that make up the island. )everybody wins or loses together. As the island floods, areas of the island are threatened. The variable difficulty level makes it appreciable to players of various experience and/or skill. The result is a game where you need to be constantly repairing the map so that key locations (including the precious helipad at Fool’s Landing, your only escape) stay afloat. It is easy to learn, easy to play, and is surprisingly cheap. There are cardboard tiles, but they are pre-punched and ready to play. Each tile represents a location on the island and is printed on both sides, one side being a blued-out version of the same location. The game is coop afterall right? The parts of … A great buy for families and small gaming groups alike! You have 3 different actions you can take and these can be a mix of any of the four options outlined below. In addition, they take the flood card discard pile, shuffle it, and put it on top of the flood draw pile. For each Flood Card drawn, the corresponding Island Tile is flipped over. There are several roles in the game (diver, pilot etc.) The forces a lot of trading between players to get the right combinations so that you can pick up the treasure you are targetting. This is an insanely easy game to get out of the box. After a player takes 3 actions they will then draw 2 Treasure Cards and a number of Flood Cards that is equal to the current water level on the Water Meter. For instance, if you are a pilot you may decide to use the helicopter to go directly to a better place. The game is winnable. Collect the four treasures in time to escape in your helicopter and you’ll find victory, but if you lose any critical locations, allow the island to flood too often, or just straight up drown in the treacherous waters, the game wins. The games are, in fact, almost identical with a few exceptions. While it seems easy at first, the difficulty increases with each round and the island begins to sink quicker and quicker. I only wish there was more variety to it. We lost. Forbidden Island Game Play. It is therefore up to the players to escape from the forbidden-sinking island via helicopter, after having brought all 4 valuable treasures to their possession in time, before the island is lost beneath the waves. For each player to pick up a treasure from a location, they need to have 4 of the same card for that particular treasure. – Final Thoughts Turns move quickly without a ton of down time. Treasure Deck: An orange deck of 28 cards, containing: 6 Role Cards: Explorer, Diver, Engineer, Messenger, Navigator, Pilot, 4 Treasure Statues: Earth Stone, Chalice of Oceans, Statue of the Wind, and Crystal Flame, Flood Meter: Used to determine the level of flooding, 6 Wooden tokens, each one colored to represent their respective role. A Review for Parents with Young Kids!”, “It's Sinking! I found a demo copy of Forbidden Island at UK Games Expo ’10 – where it would win an award for Best Family Game – grabbed it and quickly rounded up three other players, cracked open the game, and was playing in five minutes. If an island space is revealed by a flood card twice without being shored up, it disappears into the ocean forever. What Do I Get? Draw two cards. Simply by collecting all four of the Treasures, getting every player to the Fools’ Landing Island Tile, and then using a Helicopter Life card – one of the few special cards from the Treasure Deck – to get everyone off the island. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Place Adventurers on island; 3.6. Cons: Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. You may flip tiles that are crucial to the players: a tile with a treasure, a tile that is part of an important path, etc. It feels so good when you finally collect a treasure and you get to place it in front of you. The water level creates the same sort of tension, without the fear of a really hot spot that you need to focus all efforts on. Forbidden Island is a cooperative game for 2-4 adventurers attempting to capture four treasures. -Unique strategic options for each specialist to consider. • Six roles (Adventurers) with unique special abilities. At the end of each players turn though, Flood Cards are drawn, and more parts of the island can flood or sink. This can become annoying and take much of the fun out of the game. Your team will have to work together and make some pulse-pounding maneuvers, as the island will sink beneath every step! The first thing that strikes you about Forbidden Island is that it comes in a tin. Draw cards from the flood deck equal to your flood level. Each player then progresses through 3 phases in their turn; Action phase, Treasure phase, and Flood phase. to give you advice on the best actions to take during your turn. That’ll be fun! There are molded plastic figurines of each treasure and a nice cardboard water level marker with a plastic guide. The game is both challenging, engaging, and enjoyable. The roles are fun, making players feel they are unique and contributing to the overall success. This makes for some tense moments as it just feels like the island could destroy everything at the drop of a hat if you do not plan properly. As in all cooperative games, Alpha gamers can Sometimes squash quieter if less assertive players. All in all, this is not only a game I can enjoy playing with my family, this is also a game I wouldn’t mind taking to game night with the guys, either. You either all win or you all lose together. Shore Up 3. So, they will have to be cautious of avoiding several things from happening. Forbidden island makes use of 24 square tiles to randomly generate the ‘game-board’, which eventually turns out unique on practically every game. For example, as the Messenger a player can give a Treasure Card to another player anywhere on the island, while the Engineer can shore up two adjacent flooded Island Tiles instead of one as an action. But I think some people forget there’s a difficulty level you can adjust. The tiles are made of thick durable material and the treasures/meeple are made of durable plastic. For Forbidden Island is a game about … It comes in a nice tin and all the pieces have their own spot, when putting the game away. At the end of eacher player’s turn, a certain number of water cards are drawn to indicate which tiles will be flipped. To Summarize: It’s easy to learn, the game pieces are solid and replay depends on if you’ve tried all the different players in the game or/and if you make the difficulty level harder. At such a low cost and quick game time, I’d recommend this for any family game night, as an introduction to co-op board gaming, and even for all but the most hardened strategy snob, as a fun co-op filler. Replayability (3 out of 10) The way that Forbidden Island makes itself replayable is that it is a tough challenge that can get harder once you are able to beat it. 3. The player doesn’t have to do all 3 actions, but that is the limit for a turn. It gives them a slight feel like you are really on a sinking island, looking for treasure. -draw cards to determine which island tiles will be flooded or sunk (if previously flooded). KEY POINTS: I have been using this game as a gateway to new players and enjoy playing this game with my wife and young daughters. To put it simply, it takes everything I liked about Pandemic, cut all the things I didn’t like, and made a tense and rewarding game experience in a very short time. The flood cards are shuffled and six are drawn one at a time. With teenagers, there are better options (Pandemic, of course) but Forbidden Island is still fun even with four adults. Forbidden Island is a great game for adults to play with school children. It’s speed and relative easy learning curve, however, would make it a fun addition to a pre-existing gaming program or collection. -Speed of water rising mechanic can foil an otherwise sound strategy. These layouts have increased the life of this game a hundredfold. The result is that Forbidden Island plays faster than Pandemic and is easier to learn, although may offer fewer strategic options for keen tactical gamers. Cons: 3 actions are available to a player per phase and each of the above counts as an action. Both this Island Tile and its Flood Card are removed from play. The tiles giving you a specific treasure piece both sink before you claim that treasure. Forbidden Island is a great family game, often used as an introductory (Gateway) game for people new to the hobby.

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