Bridgestone and Titleist own their factories and make their own material (rubber). So the notion of a softer ball may enhance the “feel” of a good or a bad shot (thin or fat or “heeled” or “toed” or high off the face or whatever). Dispersion is a bit tougher to pin down because ball to ball consistency is a part of that equation. I went from shooting 89, 96 to 79, 81. might work. Great research and report. Interesting test. Awesome data guys! You don’t shave 10 strokes just from a ball… you had better hits, probably got the club face a bit more square, probably got some putts in sooner… the ball matters yes but I highly doubt you can attribute that much change that quickly to a ball. I love the premium balls, but don’t love seeing them soar into the forest. Maybe with this additional data from MGS, that soft balls are also short, the facade of feel will become less relevant. But Snell balls are available in the UK. Less backspin though. “*While it’s not absolute, selecting both High and Low swing speed will give you a reasonable approximation of performance at a 100 MPH driver speed.”. Driver Distance (85 MPH): The average carry distance between the shortest and the longest ball in our test is 7.6 yards. ALL WERE GOOD (another perk of playing on tour I guess). I first used it in a big provincial ( State) tournament and it was excellent. But – now I guess I should probably focus on more of a distance golf ball? 4. Simply put I think Dick’s has a winner at almost half the price when on sale. I wonder if all those people that picked the longest ball on a driver, (Only 14 shots a round) realized that’s it’s one of the shortest balls off the irons and wedges. How can ANY club fitting be meaningful? As soon as this was published the ball was selling like hot cakes! It just happened that, by chance, you selected a relatively good ball from Brand Y and a relatively bad ball from Brand X. James, even a basic google search would tell you that Snell distribute in the UK. Maybe he just likes the feel lol. Golfers love to talk about it, but it has no actual bearing on performance. Try being curious! The ball you’re playing today might be costing you strokes. A few yards one way or another don’t make a lot of difference but consistency does. I typically like playing the yellow ball, just for differentiation. So within the bigger picture, it’s not purely the distance loss that’s problematic. However, on the course I seem to hit be driving between 200-220, hitting my 3 wood around 180 or so. Tony C., hey we all mistakes as we’re all human. Declaring performance winner based on driver distance only seems to oversimplify the findings of the test. Thanks, Tony! This was my gamer last year and it’s a great ball for the prices you can get them at times (on par price-wise with the KSigs). It may be that they don’t have a stricter quality control. DID YOU KNOW: A golf ball will perform differently if it is wet vs. when it’s dry. Feel is why soft balls have emerged to the detriment of actual performance. First impressions are very favourable. Glad you included std devs – some interesting outliers in those data. The shot areas are low. Can I take six times the STDev of yards offline to get the approximate max left vs max right shots? We really appreciate it. With a name like Skip Kendall you should be able to hit a broom stick better than most mortals. Can you share what driver you used for testing, not that it makes any difference to the test results, as I suppose the differences (in %)between balls would be the same regardless of driver used. Why does Callaway just not produce the tour CS ball and completely ditch the slow one that the average consumer uses? These Balls are listed among the best golf balls of 2019. Just surprised to see it carry 2-5 yards less than other balls with same or similar launch spin and ball speed averages. I do not disagree with this, because I trust the research, but if you could clarify what you were saying in #3, I’d appreciate it! I realize that opinions are like A holes, everyone has one, but I thought this was a good way to show appreciation for some good common sense. This also calls out to other golf apps, platforms, traditional golf business, or passionate individuals that want to help the same cause in their locations, to partner with us to see how they could expand Deemples to their locations and help their community of golfers! Check this article “The best golf gloves – why you should get a grip on golf” before buying new gloves. The overwhelming majority of Callaway PGA tour pros have never played the retail ball. Every golf industry person says to GO GET FITTED, so yeah that’s blanket statement for the industry as a whole not just these tests. The higher the compression value, the harder the ball will likely feel. Yes you’re right, iRobot just doesn’t like the colour yellow so it made it fly worse than it’s brother, the white guy. There is a lot of great info in this test, thank you! When you look at the “longest” ball for 85MPH and 115MPH you’re likely talking about a small difference. But when you swing at 180 mph as I you its what you expect. The launch and spin chart should prove particularly useful for those of you looking to identify something that might perform better for you than what you’re currently playing. and do a short review on it so that golfers can understand it’s features, amenities, history and rates. MTB black is good, but nothing about it jumps off the page. 11 were out of balance out of about 30. I put together a spreadsheet with the excellent and very good balls on it using spin, carry, and offline as the factors. I believe it’s an UK outfit. Still can’t believe Project A was excluded but Inesis was in there. If your swing does not compress the ball as much as the robot’s swing, a softer compression ball will not lose as much performance. I have to say, I am surprised the Vice Pro Plus was lower compression than the 3 piece Vice Pro. Thanks! These amazing balls are manufactured for all types of golf players. (especially noticed the spin reduction hitting from about 6i up back into the wind, no ballooning), Great test lads, looking at the stats etc it looks like I have been playing the right ball in the Titleist tour soft , social media for golf, and golf news. What we’ve found is that nearly anybody who makes a golf ball can achieve a certain performance specificaton. Q: Why did you choose to use a robot for the ball test? How can you measure a golf ball being offline from a robot? Anyone who says you cant have both perfomance and feel hasnt ball tested enough yet. Much of the compression/distance information from the manufacturers is very confusing. Like the Snell, we did observe some wandering with TP5X (same with ZStar XV) and as we noted, we found a single TP5 with a visibly raised seem. Since distance estimates depend on a combination of speed, launch and spin – its essentially a simultaneous equation with perhaps a near infinite number of set up possibilities. A:  For golf Ball Testing we used a robot. It’s one of the softest golf balls and has 55 compression rates. I am looking at buying the Snell MTB X, but since you only tested the white ball do you think there will be some variance between the yellow and white MTB X? Really surprised wth this ball and thanks so much for getting me to open up to new products! There absolute consistency from ball to ball just isn’t there. money, time and performance. Stayed away from the matte white as I wasn’t keen on the Vice white matte for that reason. Wilson Titanium Golf Balls easily have the best golf ball ratings for beginners among the competition. Keep up the great work MGS too. Watch out for the killer rabbit. Thanks MGS for everything. The more significant change to come from this test should be that the golf ball becomes part of every fitting conversation. For awhile I was doing the round testing that Bryson does and saw some balls are more inconsistent than others. I like the B330 X but don’t quite get the spin Id like and the TP5X does s what it says on the in.

best golf balls 2019

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