But ‘Pyjama Party’ mostly just shares the same whimsy and holiday joy as you’d expect from flannel pj’s. Find the perfect Amaryllis stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. If you can bear to clip them, they’re known as one of the longest-lasting cut flowers for winter-holiday arrangements, and look dashing in glass bowls, or vases that can accommodate the 20- to 24-inch stalks. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. She was the Roman goddess of war, but Minerva was also the goddess of the arts, and that makes this name fitting. Single ‘Ferrari’ bulbs ready for planting are available from Burpee, as well as a potted option that is perfect for gifting. Variety of this year 2020! A new variety from Israel, ‘Half and Half’ grows two feet tall and produces copious blooms of bright red. Cybister Bogota. And they’re an impressive size, able to produce two stems with four or five eight-inch blooms each. ‘Papilio’ is available from Eden Brothers in bags of one, three, or five bulbs. Categories Flowers, Houseplants, Perennials Tags Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis. Other names. With its striped soft red and pink pattern, maybe a little. Sie gehören zur selben Familie. In 2016, ‘Clown’ was a recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. ‘Double Dragon’ bulbs are available from Van Zyverden via Home Depot. Does it look like those matching pajama sets some families wear on Christmas Eve? Our Amaryllis bulbs are the top size commercially available (larger than what is generally seen at retail stores) and have been fully prepared at the proper temperature. ‘Purple Rain’ grows 18 to 24 inches tall and produces two stems with four blooms each. The long-standing “almost every year” holiday tradition at our house is to give younger family members a huge amaryllis bulb to grow fragrant red blooms indoors in late December. griechischer weiblicher Vorname, bekannt durch die Heldin (eine Hirtin) in einem Werk Virgils; die gleichnamige Blume wurde im 18. For those that require support, you can find amaryllis stakes available from HiGift via Amazon. A. belladonna blooms in August and September, not during the holiday season. $15.95 As low as $13.95. Planting. Common Name of Amaryllis in other languages is an interesting information one should know. These beauties have eight-inch blooms with striking two-tone pink stripes. Varieties with no names are assigned numbers for the trial period. Bei der im Gartenhandel insbesondere zur Advents- und Weihnachtszeit verkauften Amaryllis handelt es sich nach heutiger botanischer Systematik um die Gattung Hippeastrum (Rittersterne). How to Grow and Care for Winterberry Holly (Ilex Verticillata), Find the Perfect Japanese Maple for Your Landscape, Exploring Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, How to Grow and Care for Poinsettia Plants, How to Grow and Care for Summer Snapdragon Flowers, The Best Homegrown Vegetables High in Vitamin A, How to Grow and Care for Garden Geraniums. Without further ado, here are 17 of the best options in the fun and wonderful range of different amaryllis cultivars: This Dutch cultivar reaches 18 to 20 inches tall and produces two stems, each with four seven-inch white blooms edged with a seafoam green. These are the classic flowers with big blooms in single layers of petals. Here’s another one of those varieties with a more unusual color, that’s not your typical red, white, or stripes. Bis dahin kategorisierten die Botaniker den prachtvollen Winterblüher als Teil der Amaryllis-Gattung. And for more fabulous houseplants to add color to your holiday decor, check out these guides next: © Ask the Experts, LLC. If these double blossoms don’t make you think of Marilyn Monroe’s frothy white skirt being blown ever-higher by a steam vent, you’ve probably never seen the movie “The Seven Year Itch” (or the poster). Variety or Cultivar 'Royal Red' _ 'Royal Red' is a large, tender, bulbous perennial with long, strap-shaped leaves and, from winter into spring, an upright stem bearing two to six, large, funnel-shaped, deep orange-red flowers. Use a container mix suited for use indoors. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! that’s not your typical red, white, or stripes. Most amaryllis varieties grown today are hybrids and are not “true amaryllis”; they are instead part of the genus Hippeastrum, which are native to tropical parts of South America, from Brazil into the Andes. And each flower boasts a wedge of petals that are blush-tinted cream. Most varieties are pretty vibrant, but some that belong in our list of top picks are better described as elegant – like ‘Rosalie.’. This variety produces two stalks that grow 18 inches tall before producing three or four flowers each. November 23, 2020 November 15, 2020 by Rose Kennedy. Still, it kinda makes you wonder what color a Little Red Corvette amaryllis would be, not to mention a Raspberry Beret…. ‘Rosalie’ bulbs are available from Burpee. Here’s one for patient indoor gardeners. Amaryllis is a blooming bulb that produces spectacular blooms measuring up to 10 inches across, atop sturdy stalks up to 26 inches tall. Its enormous cluster of trumpet-shape blooms may require staking to keep them upright, but blooms may last for up to 6 weeks. Picotee The Picotee is a dwarf amaryllis and has flowers of bright-white with light-pink flushes and a beautiful thin, dark-red trim throughout each petal. Dramatic and luxurious like the sports car, but a bit more affordable, ‘Ferrari’ is known for producing a wealth of color. If this outstanding variety strikes your fancy, ‘Hercules’ bulbs are available from Burpee. So unusual, so splashy! Each of its pure white petals are outlined with a very thin red line. By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer. Double-blossom ‘Marilyn’ is available from Home Depot. ‘Evergreen’ grows 20 to 24 inches high and produces two stalks with four to six flowers on each. A cybister cultivar, ‘Evergreen’ looks especially tropical with its apple-green starburst at the center of creamy blossoms. COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Huge red trumpet … They have smaller bulbs, thinner petals that look almost like birds, and are hardy in Zones 5-9. They’ll usually reach 18 to 24 inches in height and provide a fine complement to red amaryllis flowers, as gifts or in holiday decor. The overall effect is fiery! ‘Hercules’ bulbs produce four or five flowers on each of two stems, and the blooms are usually eight inches wide – a little larger than a salad plate. Sie wurde Mitte des 18. Whoops, did I say no need to choose? ‘Minerva’ amaryllis bulbs are available from Tractor Supply Company as part of a planting kit. Auch trägt eine Zierpflanzenart den Namen Amaryllis. They’ll offer a soothing reminder that soon enough the live-action swallowtails and monarchs will reappear. Even at eight years old, my daughter Lucy could sprout this gorgeous tropical flower on her own. And I’m pretty sure  the famous musician never grew them, either when he was Prince, or when he was the Artist Formerly Known As. $15.95 As low as $13.95. This Dutch type is tinier than some, growing 15 to 20 inches tall. Expect four or five huge flowers on each of two stems. nach der Hirtin benannt (und nicht umgekehrt) Amaryllis ist der Name einer griechischen Nymphe. Hippeastrum is a genus in the family Amaryllidaceae (subfamily Amaryllidoideae, tribe Hippeastreae, and subtribe Hippeastrineae). The color combo is quite eye-pleasing: watermelon-pink petals with darker pink veins and white highlights. 17 Awesome Amaryllis Varieties to Grow Indoors or Out. Die etwa 80 Arten gedeihen in Gebieten mit einer ausgeprägten Trockenzeit in Südamerika. Good picks here include the following: Strange, weird and wonderful types of amaryllis flowers are included in this group. Amaryllis make excellent centerpieces as the flowers sit high, still allowing guests to see each other across the table. Please check individual description for size and time to bloom. ‘Evergreen’ received an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2012, and the RHS will never steer you wrong. Deciduous. $15.95 As low as $13.95. ‘Evergreen’ bulbs are available from Burpee. The large flowers and ease with which they can be brought to bloom make amaryllis popular and in demand worldwide. See our TOS for more details. And for even more exciting varieties, with intriguing names like ‘Cherry Nymph’, ‘Half and Half’, and ‘Purple Rain’, see our article, 17 Awesome Amaryllis Varieties to Grow Indoors or Out. Strange, weird and wonderful types of amaryllis flowers are included in this group. Typically, the common name “amaryllis” refers to the large Hippeastrum bulbs sold in late fall and early winter for glorious indoor blooms. ‘Sweet Nymph’ bulbs are available from Burpee. The amaryllis originated in South America's tropical regions and has the botanical name Hippeastrum. ‘Clown’ amaryllis is available from Eden Brothers, as part of a “Red and White” set of two or four bulbs that also includes ‘Cherry Nymph.’. To make things a little easier, here are some of the most popular amaryllis varieties. This type typically produces two or three stems, and each yields five or six blooms. A Dutch-grown bulb, ‘Double Dragon’ produces two stalks with four blossoms each and grows to 24 inches tall. Keep the plant cool (60-65 degrees F) while in bloom but slightly warmer at other times when it is actively growing. One of the most popular amaryllis varieties, 'Apple Blossom' features soft pink flowers striped with white. You can force the bulbs to bloom for the holidays, give them as gifts, and still plant a slew of them outdoors if your climate is warm enough. The rich red petals surround a deep red center. It can grow up to 50-60 cm in height; the leaves are strap-shaped (30-50 cm long and 2-3 cm wide). Amaryllis are long lasting cut flowers and the variety Picotee is no exception. Amaryllis Varieties. Markings of reddish purple and pale green provide a tropical appearance. Our specialty collection of amaryllis consists of unique varieties found in limited supply. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. ‘Half and Half’ bulbs are available from Van Zyverden via Home Depot. Now that she lives in New Orleans, she can plant the spent bulbs outdoors to bloom the next spring. Habit. Honestly, if I could only choose one, I would go for a field of ‘Ferrari’ flowers instead of the version with four wheels. New Half & Half. Good choices are: Chico – An eye-catching variety with slender, spidery petals of creamy ivory. A lime-green center adds freshness. Filter 7 products Sort. The flower almost looks like a butterfly, hence its name, and it is a unique type of amaryllis that is low-maintenance and easy to grow. Die Rittersterne (Hippeastrum) sind eine Pflanzengattung innerhalb der Familie der Amaryllisgewächse (Amaryllidaceae). This Amaryllis has no name yet! Two cheers for the red double blossoms on ‘Cherry Nymph,’ equally celebrated as part of  holiday decor and as an antidote for the winter blahs. Although two kinds of plants commonly are called "amaryllis," the belladonna lily (Amaryllis belladonna) is the true Amaryllis genus namesake. ‘Rilona’ has dusky apricot petals with deeper orange veins. 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These large indoor bloomers grow to 20 to 24 inches and produce luminous, apricot-blush flowers with centers of the lightest green. The best ways to avoid any issues with Hippeastrum hybrids is by starting with high-quality healthy plants. Most common amaryllis varieties produce two stems per bulbs, each with four blooms, although some cultivars may produce six blooms. But she’s also open to garden magic, like the red-veined sorrel that took up residence in several square yards of what used to be her back lawn. The amaryllis comes in many beautiful varieties including various shades of red, white, pink, salmon and orange. Sign up for our newsletter. A smart choice that shares its name with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, ‘Athene’ bulbs are available in three-packs from Home Depot. Historically, there has been some confusion regarding the name of this plant. It’s subtle but still feels tropical, and the blooms are beautiful floating in a glass bowl as a holiday centerpiece. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Select from premium Amaryllis of the highest quality. The color scheme works quite well in winter holiday floral arrangements, especially when paired with a bright red variety. € 16,50 € 14,95 Add to cart; XXL Jumbo Amaryllis Elvas Sale! € 16,50 € 14,95 Add to cart; XXL Jumbo Amaryllis Deep Red € 16,50 Read more; XXL Jumbo Amaryllis Double Delight (Double Delicious) Sale! 7 products. Unlike the car, this ‘Ferrari’ is from Holland, not Italy. Exotic Amaryllis Varieties. Like all the nymph types, this one has extra-large flowers – eight inches or wider – and extra sturdy stems that don’t require support. And even elite gardeners think they’re spiffy. Each bulb is usually good for one or two stems that grow 18 to 24 inches high, and reliably produce three or four flowers. Others have sturdy stems, and I’ve noted these in the descriptions below. All Amaryllis by Variety We start the holiday season with over 70 Amaryllis varieties, the best selection of bulbs available anywhere, period. Popular ‘Red Lion’ is a holiday classic, with velvety-red blooms and white stamens. Amaryllis (scientific name Amaryllis belladonna) is a bulbous plant, commonly planted for its magnificent, bell-shaped flowers (more than 10 cm diameter). Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. Product photos via Amazon, Bloomz, Breck’s, Burpee, DeGroot, Eden Brothers, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, and Van Zyverden. (Not sure why words like “rich” keep coming up when I talk about this plant…). How many flowers can you expect? The Plant List includes 421 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Amaryllis.Of these 4 are accepted species names. So if one of the varieties caught your eye, there’s a good chance you can grow it indoors on the first try. Naked ladies (Amaryllis belladonna) are so named because the pink or white flowers bloom on bare stems before the leaves develop. Or, I don’t know, probably about the size of that Cyclops’ eye…. It needs bright light and evenly moist soil, except when it is dormant. I think this has put me in the mood for Christmas. Here’s an amaryllis to gaze at while you sip your coffee and admire your Christmas tree, or your springtime garden. This winter-blooming stunner is available in a variety of shapes and colors; in fact, almost too many different types of amaryllis to count. ‘Papilio’ can take a full nine weeks to grow to 24 inches, but being able to see it produce blooms of cream with splashes of magenta and bright green veins is well worth the wait. And did I mention that it’s big, like the shoes worn by its namesake? You’ll certainly smile when this cheery striped favorite blooms indoors in winter. If you want to know what a plant is called in Hindi, Greek, Portuguese or Polish, you are at the right place. This popular amaryllis, ‘Apple Blossom’ is a mix of candy pink and snowy white. Growing to an impressive 60cm, ‘Red Lion’ is surely one of the most impressive amaryllis varieties, with large, deep red trumpets. The Plant List includes a further 48 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Amaryllis.We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. It produces at least two and sometimes three stems per bulb, with multiple flowers on each. Single ‘Purple Rain’ bulbs are available from Van Zyverden via Tractor Supply Company as part of a planting kit. They also make wonderful Christmas gifts. ‘Cherry Nymph’ is available from Van Zyverden via Amazon in a kit with a soil block, planter, and one bulb. No myths or kids’ movies here, just extra-large fuchsia blooms on plants that grow 20 inches tall. The amaryllis offers so many possibilities, from elegant to bold, simple to fancy, plain red to multi-color stripes with centers of another hue. And hey, this deep red luxury item, unlike its namesake, can sit right on the dining room table to cheer you up in winter. Plant care and collection of Amaryllis at Garden.org, with informative growing guides and 2,699 images of 666 varieties listed. The flowers are just as lavish, with two stems growing 20 to 26 inches high, and bursting into four or five giant blooms apiece. Der heute gültige Name Hippeastrum hingegen ist das Resultat eines hundert Jahre dauernden Konflikts unter Botanikern, der erst im Jahr 1987 beigelegt wurde. But if you want to grow them outdoors, remember: Some Like It Hot, and so does the ‘Marilyn’ amaryllis. You should bear in mind that with their long, elegant stems, many Hippeastrum varieties need extra support. You actually will need to make some selections. Since these bulbs take six to eight weeks to bloom after planting, the gesture has always been a gift for two occasions, with the brilliant red blooms sometimes bursting forth close to Valentine’s Day. Of course, if you live in balmy USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11, you can also plant these bulbs outdoors in fall or winter. Toxicity. This cultivar draws its name from the Latin word for “butterfly,” and its rounded, striated petals do resemble those winged beauties. The flowers on these 20-inch stalks look like an old-school ice skating skirt, or something else that’s graceful and brilliant white. Bulb sizes vary. The different kinds of Hippeastrum fall into five categories: single or double-bloom varieties, those with smaller flowers, the nymphs with their exceptionally large blooms and extra-sturdy stems, and cybister amaryllis with their delicate spidery petals. Prächtige Blüten zeichnen sowohl Amaryllis als auch Ritterstern aus. For holiday gifts and decor, there are numerous gorgeous. Hippeastrum (/ ˌ h ɪ p iː ˈ æ s t r ə m /) is a genus of about 90 species and over 600 hybrids and cultivars of perennial herbaceous bulbous plants. Amaryllis 'Faro'. Jan 31, 2019 - Fortunately these grow despite me.. See more ideas about amaryllis bulbs, amaryllis, flowers. I can just picture this sharp red double-bloom variety adding a dramatic accent to Smaug’s mountain lair, or maybe brightening the winter months for Puff on his magic island. Amaryllis Magical Touch € 11,95 Add to cart; XXL Jumbo Amaryllis Apple Blossom Jumbo Sale! Why We Love It: The soft pink feathering on the petals gives the flowers an … Look for two or three stems with anywhere from two to five eight-inch blooms each. from $10.00 Barbados. The broad deep red and creamy white stripes on the petals make this variety perfect for holiday decor. Die in Europa als Zierpflanzen kultivierten Ritterstern-Sorten sind überwiegend Hybriden. Die nur zwei Arten sind in Winterregen-Gebieten des südlichen Afrika verbreitet. Amaryllis Varieties The Amaryllis is a classic holiday flower that displays the spirit of the season. They generally have large fleshy bulbs and tall broad leaves, generally evergreen, and large red or purple flowers. Amaryllis 'Royal Red' Genus. Not subtle, but quite charming nonetheless. Here is more about what we do. The mature height is about 20 inches, and each of two stalks is loaded with three or four giant blooms. Each of the four large, elegant blooms produced on one or two stems are dazzling. In later years, the amaryllis bulb holiday gifts followed her to college to brighten the icy Chicago winter. Her other enthusiasms include newbie gardeners, open-pollinated sunflowers, 15-foot-tall Italian climbing tomatoes, and the arbor her husband repurposed from a bread vendor’s display arch. Some of the new Amaryllis varieties arrive pre-christened with names provided by their growers. ‘Minerva’ blooms are sheer natural beauty, with white stripes that look almost like deft brush strokes emanating from the flat-faced, bright red petals. But there’s no need to choose, here. You know what? With their huge flowers, amaryllis have become as traditional for Christmas as poinsettias. To distinguish the hybrids from the genus Amaryllis, scientists and botanists use the term amaryllis belladonna for the original variety. Later they’ll be named by our Dutch partners, or we’re given the fun job of choosing what to call them. A flowering stalk bears about 2-12 flowers. With so many types of amaryllis to choose from, it can be overwhelming when choosing one to grow indoors or in the garden. Good choices are: Read more articles about Amaryllis Hippeastrum. Hippeastrum Hippeastrum . Amaryllis is an easy bulb to grow. GARDENER'S PATH® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Other families’ traditions never fail to warm me, either. They’re not to be confused with Amaryllis belladonna, a different genus in the same family, Amaryllidaceae. Willkommen in der farbenprächtigen Welt von Amaryllis Sorten Seit 1987 wird der Ritterstern einer eigenständigen Gattung namens Hippeastrum zugeordnet, mit mehr als 80 Arten. You can also know the Amaryllis Scientific Classification which will help you gain the botanical information about the plant. And what I appreciate about these plants is that they are easy to grow and simple to care for. Clump-forming, Erect. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And if I’ve missed one of your favorites let me know in the comments section below, and feel free to share a picture! With more than 600 named varieties of amaryllis I bet you can find one that will be a perfect fit for your Christmas décor. Amaryllis (/ ˌ æ m ə ˈ r ɪ l ɪ s /) is the only genus in the subtribe Amaryllidinae (tribe Amaryllideae).It is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species.The better known of the two, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of the Western Cape region of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest area between the Olifants River Valley and Knysna. Common types to choose from this group of amaryllis include: These amaryllis flowers container several layers of petals to create a rich, full appearance. The flowers have lime green throats. Die echte Amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna) wird auch Belladonnalilie genannt und ist eine im Süden Afrikas heimische subtropische Zwiebelblume. These blooms aren’t exactly what I’d call purple – they’re more pink. I hope these descriptions have helped you narrow your choices. Amaryllis & Caladium Bulb Company Gift Card. Some are saturated pink (Brazza, Lagoon, Hercules Amaryllis), some are rich and saturated rosy pink with a white star (Amaryllis Berlin, suzanne) Brazza Hercules The amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) contains 73 genera and at least 1,600 species distributed primarily in tropical and subtropical areas of the world.Members of the family characteristically feature bulbs or underground stems and straplike leaves.The attractive flowers generally have three or six petals and bear dry capsules or fleshy berry fruits. She champions all pollinators, even carpenter bees. Foliage. The color is so rich the petals appear to shimmer. Read on to learn about just a few of the many amaryllis flower varieties on the market. ‘Rilona’ bulbs are available from Bloomz via Home Depot. The striking blooms can reach eight inches wide. As long as they receive part or full sun, they’ll thrive in flower beds, naturalized areas, or containers in those regions. Single ‘Pyjama Party’ bulbs are sold by Van Zyverden via Tractor Supply Company as part of a growing kit. More importantly, Rose loves a garden’s ability to make a well-kept manicure virtually impossible and revive the spirits, especially in tough times. Managing Pests and Disease. Those with bright red flowers are sometimes considered vulgar, which is … Jh. Note that the botanical name ‘amaryllis’ is also used for the cultivars of Hippeastrum – a genus of over 500 different species of herbaceous bulbous plants that are valued for their ability to provide indoor color during the winter months. Name: Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom' Size: To 26 inches tall. You can learn all about planting and caring for amaryllis in our growing guide! And they do have the faintest bit of purple in the center, so maybe that’s where the name came from? For holiday gifts and decor, there are numerous gorgeous Hippeatsrum cultivars available, and here are 17 of my favorites: While you’re considering what you might like to plant in containers for your home or garden, also look at these options with an eye toward holiday gifts. (It seems almost insulting to the sophistication factor to describe the green central hue as one very reminiscent of an inchworm, but that’s the case…). Amaryllis ist eine Pflanzengattung aus der Familie der Amaryllisgewächse (Amaryllidaceae). The long-standing “almost every year” holiday tradition at our house is to give younger family members a huge amaryllis bulb to grow fragrant red blooms indoors in late December. Along with the simple red varieties you will commonly see at the florist’s shop and home stores come November, there are a bounty of amaryllis options! ‘Clown’ will reach 24 inches tall and produce eight-inch blooms on two or three stems. These bulbs are gargantuan: 13 to 15 inches wide! An avid raised bed vegetable gardener and former “Dirt to Fork” columnist for an alt-weekly newspaper in Knoxville, Tennessee, Rose Kennedy is dedicated to sharing tips that increase yields and minimize work. So I was pleased to learn many people plant amaryllis indoors in early winter, so they bloom in time to become part of their holiday decor, either in planters or as cut flowers. Amaryllis 'Red Lion'. Statistics.

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