10 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Hopes That You Would Stop Doing

Here is a list of a few things that your boyfriend might secretly hope that you’d stop doing. Girls, hope you get the hint.

1. Trying to change him. Be it his hair or his beard. Or any one of the other million things that you’re trying to change about him. Trust me, even if he’s subtle about it or even if he tries to change for you; He hopes you’d stop.

2. Discussing your sex/love life with your girlfriends. Even if he doesn’t express his dislike, he secretly hates it when you discuss his moves with your girlfriends.

3. Texting your guy friend right after your fight. And well, you can’t hate him for hating you doing it. He’s a guy and he knows how it works. He has his reasons to not trust your guy friend and he hopes you’d come to your senses soon.

4. Acting too hard to please. Every guy loves a little chase as far as it’s ‘little’. He hopes you know when your crazy is actually a little too much.

5. Acting over friendly with his friends. He would love you to mingle well with his friends as long as you know they’re ‘his’ friends. Well someone had to say the truth.

6. Too much bitching. Of course, guys love gossiping just like girls; But they’re not too high when it comes to bitching. And hopefully, you know not to bitch about his friends or parents in front of him.

7. Acting all dolled up. Guys love when you’re all dressed up for them but when it comes to acting too dolled up or trying to be pretty high maintenance; They might lose their interest. They love something natural when it comes to keeping it real.

8. Being desperate. Who doesn’t love a little attention as long as it doesn’t turn into desperation? It’s a big turn off girls!

9. Being too involved. He loves it when you take interest in his life as long as you’re not the one decidinevery dayay what he’s going to wear/eat. He needs some space too.

10. Making it all about him. He knows you enjoy sex as much as him so stop making it all about him. And yes, he loves it when you’re passionate about something other than him too. A girl with goals is a big turn on.

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